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Our Mission

The Nevada Telecommunications Association supports its member organizations through regulatory, legislative and public relations advocacy. The Association will enhance the communications business environment, advance the business interests and promote the reputation of its member organizations. The Association aims to foster cooperation, mutual respect and unity among its members in pursuit of the Association's goals and objectives.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Provide regulatory and legislative advocacy on behalf of the Association and its members, including timely dissemination of information regarding pertinent governmental actions.

  2. Provide a forum for the education of and information exchange between members and suppliers.

  3. Promote the image and reputation of the Association’s members with State and local officials and the citizens of the State of Nevada by publicizing the activities of the Association and its members.

  4. Host an annual conference for the education of the Association’s members regarding emerging technology, current legislative and regulatory events and other member interests.

  5. Grow the Association in terms of both membership and diversity.

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