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About Us

The Nevada Telecommunications Association (NTA) was founded in 1958 as an industry trade association of local telephone service providers for their mutual benefit. They worked together, then and now, to provide a modem network throughout Nevada providing quality telecommunications service. 

    The original name was the Nevada Telephone Association, but as the industry expanded to include a multitude of new services, the name was officially changed to the Nevada Telecommunications Association in 1996 and so filed with the Nevada Secretary of State.  The NTA is a corporation filed in Nevada.

    The primary function of the NTA is to provide a forum for communication between the local exchange carriers and other telecommunications service providers. Approximately 300 other companies have filed for certificates from the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to offer telecommunications services within Nevada.

    The NTA is an association of telephone and broadband companies who do business in Nevada. The association also has numerous associate members who provide products and services to the telecommunications industry. The NTA office monitors activities at the PUC and at the legislative sessions held in odd-numbered years. Events sponsored by the association are handled through its main office in Las Vegas and include board meetings as well as an annual conference held in the fall at various locations in Nevada. All administrative functions are provided through the main office including the awarding of the John and Mary Louise Memorial Scholarship, the awarding of the NTA Customer Scholarship, the recognition of Honorary Members and the selection of the Distinguished Service Award given each year at the annual conference.

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