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The Nevada Telecommunications Association and the California Communications Association held their first annual joint conference in South Lake Tahoe on
September 26 to September 30, 2021
A Brief Recap of the Events...

SUNDAY, 9/26/2021: The Board of Directors of both associations had their annual conference board meetings on Sunday Sep 26. At the conclusion of those meetings both boards got together and enjoyed a fantastic meal at the Chart House restaurant in South Lake Tahoe.


MONDAY 9/27/2021: Monday brought windy conditions for our golfers but the weathered the round and had a ton of fun. Special Thanks to Mike Spoon who organized and led the charge at the course. Inside the MontBleu Hotel, exhibitors checked in throughout the day and began to set up their tabletops. The evening saw calm winds and following seas and 60 lucky participants took sail on the Safari Rose for a 2 hour jaunt around Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay. Great food, great company and and good time was had by all. The evening concluded with a nightcap at the BLU nightclub, adjacent to the exposition hall.

TUESDAY 9/28/2021: The day started earlier with exhibitors finalizing their preparations and meeting for breakfast. The MontBleu Hotel outdid itself during the entire conference with wonderful breakfasts lunches and snacks. As the conference started, we heard Doug Musgrave, outgoing President of the NTA, give his welcome address. Trainings and breakout sessions began and the exhibit was open to all attendees. Tuesday evening saw and amazing taco buffet inside the BLU nightclub with Karaoke on tap for later in the evening. Everyone had a blast and saw many who found liquid courage to sing as the night progressed.

WEDNESDAY 9/29/2021: The final day started with a huge, and we mean huge, breakfast spread in the main exposition hall. If you didn't get enough food for some odd reason during the previous 3 days, Wednesday was the day to feast. As breakfast wound down, exhibitors finalized meetings with new contacts and began to pack up. Both associations had their member meetings which carried on traditions of each association including watching Doug Musgrave jumping in the MontBleu pool fully clothed - a long NTA tradition. As noon approached, all were packing up ready to head home after a very successful joint conference. We look forward to next year!

Download the Details

Conference Program

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Exhibitor List

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Attendee List

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Golf Winners

It was windy day out at Genoa Lakes Golf Course, Minden Nevada but all had fun. Special thanks to Mike Spoon for undertaking the organization of the golf tournament. Here's a look at this years winners. Mulligans purchased went toward the NTA scholarship fund.

gold medal_edited.png
  • Patrick Rosval, BRB Law, LLP

  • Sean Beatty, BRB Law, LLP

  • Kyler Lunt, RMWT

  • KC Lunt, RMWT

  • Sara Yocum, Moss Adams

  • Ira Taylor, Moss Adams

  • David Martin, GS Yuasa Energy Solution

  • Brent Broschinsky, Power Product Services

silver medal_edited.png
bronze medal_edited.png
  • Aaron Lyon, Moapa Valley Telephone

  • Chris Puccio, PPC-Broadband

  • Peter Beard, PPC-Broadband

  • Greg Kimbrow, PUPCO

The NTA Raffle and Silent Auction to Benefit our Scholarships

The NTA held a Raffle at the conference to benefit its scholarship awards. Both Associations held silent auction to further benefit their scholarship awards. We also raised enough money to send Doug Musgrave into the pool. In Total, the NTA raised over $2,400 this year! Thank you for participating.

The NTA Outgoing President Loses his bid to avoid the Pool

As mentioned above, there's a tradition at the NTA regarding the outgoing President. At the NTA associate member meeting on the last day of the conference, the Executive Director asks the outgoing President, how much it is worth to him to avoid jumping in the pool. In this case Doug Musgrave, put up $400 to stay dry. The Executive Director then addresses the room and asks for a collective effort from who's there, to contribute more than $400 to force the outgoing President to get wet. This year, the room reached into their pockets and came up with $450. Sorry Doug, nice try....

We hope to see you all next year
Thank you for a great conference!
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